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The Endorsement I Don’t Want

The media’s.

It may seem strange. But I’ve spoken to a lot of people in Kootenai County who are done with the media.

Why? Because of omission.

It’s Not What They’re Telling You That’s Problematic, But Rather What They Aren’t

You see, when the media endorsed my opponent, they didn’t bother to disclose the voice mail recording of him asking another elected official to “bend” the law for him (see here). Nothing unusual about that.

The media doesn’t think it’s unusual for our County Commissioner to contact our State Attorney General to see if citizens can sue our Sheriff (see here). In the media’s eyes there’s nothing unusual about a government official inquiring about getting his own government sued and incur legal expenses for his constituents. In this case you, the taxpayer.

The media didn’t disclose the fact that my opponent filed liquidation bankruptcy and listed his customers (presumably from wedding dress deposits) as creditors…one woman for as little as $30 (see here). Yes, $30. The media didn’t see the need to question how my opponent’s actions were in fact similar to my former employer…the same one he (and the media) claim is problematic for me.

The media doesn’t think it’s important to disclose the fact that I cooperated with law enforcement agencies in the prosecution of my former employer. They never thought that fact was worthy of disclosure to you, despite me showing the editor my sworn affidavit among other documentation.

The media has quite simply failed to disclose what many people consider to be relevant.

So, What Endorsement Do I Want?

I want the endorsement from the people who want to have a real say in what Kootenai County will look like in the next ten years, as opposed to being told what they must accept. I want an endorsement from the people who are tired of being ignored by those who think they know better than them.

It’s time our political leaders start listening to constituents. Nothing is more disturbing than voicing your opinion and having it fall on deaf ears. It’s happening at every level of government today, including here.

It’s time we make policy decisions based on how it affects existing residents. There is nothing wrong with our leaders looking out for the interests of the people who live here and giving them priority over those who don’t.

This is why I’m respectfully asking for your vote on May 17. Please let it count as a statement to our media (including our leaders) that you want the truth – with no omissions – when you read their next story.

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