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Fillios Wants You to Make Exceptions for Him

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

It's true.

He knows it's against the law. But he asks somebody else to ignore it anyhow.

There's a recording that was provided to me. It's of my opponent, Chris Fillios, asking a government official to make an exception for him regarding the law and a real estate transaction.

Is it the crime of the century? No.

Does it bring into clarity a pattern of operating under his own rules but acknowledging a different set for you and I? Yes.

Why My Opponent Embodies Everything Wrong with Our Local Government

In his world the ends justify the means. That's why he inserted himself into his daughter's real estate transaction.

Under normal circumstances, he should be recusing himself. But no, he's Chris Fillios. He is a county commissioner and apparently believes he deserves special consideration.

Despite being told that his request was against the law, he went above that clerk to see if somebody higher up would break the rules for him. It's a rare insight into the deepest parts of this man's mind and his twisted way of thinking. And the recording is below for you to hear.

If you look at the pattern, it becomes clear that he doesn't care what the rules are, what he tells you, or what you think when it comes to this community. He's Chris Fillios...don't you know?

  • If you're the Sheriff and you don't enforce his poorly written river ordinance, then he'll underfund your office and inquire with the state attorney general how citizens can sue you.

  • If he wants to change our form of government, he appoints his treasurer and doesn't disclose this fact so his political operative can hijack the commission as Chairman and hopefully steer it toward his desired conclusion.

  • If he doesn't like the outcome of the Study Commission's final recommendation then maybe he will pick the preliminary recommendation and use that to justify changing your form of government.

  • If it serves his purpose he's happy to accept recommendations from people who don't live here but want to tell you how to live. (see here).

  • If he can win office by getting democrats to change party affiliation to help him win the Republican Primary, then you can bet dollars to doughnuts he'll do it (see here and queue to 17:20).

If You Support Cronyism, Special Treatment Above the Law

and Dishonesty, Then I'm Not Your Candidate

I mean that.

I don't represent any of those things. Instead, I got involved in this race because my opponent is severely underfunding our public safety and his priorities are wrong by wanting to change our existing form of government.

Further, when you look at the irresponsible growth occurring, you can see why he's happy. As a real estate agent, he and his cronies are going to profit off of this community significantly. But it doesn't end there.

After announcing my candidacy I learned a lot more troubling things about my opponent and why he needs to go. This latest recording is one more example of his arrogance and "better than thou" attitude toward us.

It's time for change.

If you want a candidate who will be honest with you, then I ask for your support.

If you want a candidate who will be your advocate -- not special interest -- then I ask for your support.

And if you want a candidate who will rip the curtain back and communicate directly with you the issues facing our county government, then I ask for your support.

Think about why after five years in office my opponent couldn't get the support from a single:

  • Local elected Republican official

  • Board Member of the CDA Skeet & Trap Club

  • Sheriff's Office Employee.

All of their support was unanimous for me.

Here's the recording with the recipient's name removed from the beginning.

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1 Comment

Apr 25, 2022

When Mr. Fillios first ran for Commissioner I sent him an email questioning his New York, liberal upbringing? His email response to me was that while he was in fact raised in New York, he had moved to Idaho from New Hampshire, the "live free or die" state. I found his response both amusing and pathetic. New Hampshire may have been a red state in 1788 when it was formed and adopted it's state motto, but it turned solid blue decades ago. Mr. Fillios is no more a conservative than Biden is a moderate. Fillios isn't even a RINO. He is dyed in the wool big government progressive and he needs to be gone!

Norm Venturino

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