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I'm honored to have the support of so many people in our community from so many diverse backgrounds.  

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Sheriff's Office Employee Association Unanimously Endorses
Bruce Mattare for Commissioner

2nd Amendment and Republican Groups
Support Bruce Mattare

  • Coeur d'Alene Skeet & Trap Club Endorses Bruce Mattare
  • Fernan Rod and Gun Club Endorses Bruce Mattare
  • Local Elected Republican Leaders Voted 44 to 0 for Bruce Mattare

"We got a great Sheriff with Bruce's help. He will make a good commissioner."

Fernan Rod and Gun Club

"BRUCE MATTARE is an extremely qualified candidate for County Commissioner. His business skills, work ethic and commitment to preserving and protecting our high quality of life has earned my nod of support for him to become our next County Commissioner. Please join me and VOTE BRUCE MATTARE for COUNTY COMMISSIONER."


Marge Chadderdon
Idaho State Legislature, District 4
2004 to 2012

"I met Bruce a number of years ago when we were both campaign managers for competing candidates.  We developed a respect for each other, and I admired the fact that he was honest, smart, hardworking and ethical.  He mastered the issues then and knows what is important to Kootenai County residents today.  I support candidates that have a value system that represents me, my family and my friends.  Please join me in supporting Bruce Mattare for County Commissioner."

Steve Rolland

Campaign Manager

for an Opposing Sheriff Candidate

"Great leaders can make a huge impact, because they value the people they serve. This is Bruce Mattare."

Ron Nilson


Ground Force

Co-Founder K-Tech

"As a developer born and raised here, I'm troubled by the direction of growth here in the county. It's time for change, which is why I support Bruce Mattare."

Todd Stam


Aspen Homes

"He'll be great for local business and even better for the community."

Nels Jenson

President, Heart of Business

“Choose Local Business Movement”

"Honest. Straightforward. And very capable. He will make a solid commissioner."

Peter Acton
Local Real Estate Developer

"In the time I have known Bruce Mattare, he has demonstrated a keen intellect and an even demeanor, always searching for solutions to complex problems. As a North Idaho native, I believe Bruce would be a valuable asset as a Kootenai County Commissioner, with the ability to find unique ways of addressing the challenges faced by Kootenai County, both now and in the future."

Nick Thorpe

Owner, Westwind Property

"I moved to North Idaho in 2018 where I had the pleasure to meet Bruce Mattare, both professionally and personally.  He is a fellow neighbor in our beautiful Cougar Gulch community.


I moved to Kootenai County because its values and quality of life mirrors exactly what I treasure most. The easy-going rural lifestyle with lots of outdoor places to explore, plenty of unspoiled lakes and rivers to play in, along with a community who sincerely appreciates our military and our local law enforcement officers.


In just the first few minutes of talking to and getting acquainted with Bruce, I found that his personal beliefs and core values are exactly as mine, especially when it came to the topic of limited government and controlling outrageous government overreach. I also liked the fact that he is NOT a career politician.


He is a local business owner who has a vested interest in protecting the quality and beauty of this special place.  He is entrenched deeply into the Coeur d' Alene community with his wife and children and he fully supports law enforcement, as clearly evident in his successful management of getting Bob Norris elected as our Sheriff for Kootenai County.


Another very important personal issue to me is knowing that Bruce is 100% supportive of protecting our Second Amendment rights here in Idaho. I am an active trap, pistol and rifle shooter and we are at risk of losing some of our local gun ranges and I know that Bruce will be supportive of keeping our shooting areas and gun ranges, open and available for all of us to use.  I am very proud of his intentions to run for County Commissioner for District 2 and fully endorse him. If elected, I have full confidence that Bruce Mattare will fight hard to protect the Idaho I know and love."

Bret J. Uhlich

Ventura County Sheriff's Sergeant, Ret.

"Helping to get our Sheriff elected was a huge contribution to our community. I know Bruce will make an even bigger difference as our Commissioner."


Jerry Vernon

Retired Law Enforcement


"He has what it takes to be a great commissioner."


Patrick Rotchford

Owner, Tintworks


"As a longtime Kootenai County employee, I wholeheartedly endorse Bruce Mattare for county commissioner.

I retired in 2017 after 35 plus years in Law Enforcement with my last 28years with the Kootenai County Sheriff’s Office.  As a Major Crimes Detective Sergeant for 20 of those years, I’ve known both the good and the bad that has come with growth here in Kootenai County.

What is needed now in our commissioner’s office is someone with strong management and leadership skills.  Bruce’s background and experience as a successful businessman is just one example of his proven ability.

I’ve come to know Bruce well and find him remarkably intelligent, a solid and logical thinker, as well as being very competent and capable. I believe Bruce will fairly examine any challenges that come before the commission and make a well thought out, and fiscally responsible decision. 

A vote for Bruce Mattare is a vote towards making Kootenai County a better place to live. I stand solidly behind Bruce Mattare and support him strongly in his Campaign to become a Kootenai County Commissioner."

Brad Maskell, Retired
Major Crimes Sergeant
Kootenai County Sheriff’s Office

"Accomplished, honest and reliable. He will make a fantastic Commissioner."

Bill Kober

Combat Marine Veteran, Vietnam

"I have known Bruce for many years. His resolve to make a difference in our community is unceasing. Bruce makes good common sense decisions and that's what Kootenai County needs right now with all the new influx of people."

Jimmy DiShanni


Sport Formula, Inc.

U.S. Army Veteran

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