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Good Questions from a Supporter

My blog posts are meant to address issues not widely known by voters. Some address my opponent and the humor involved in his actions. Others are meant to be serious.

Below are some questions asked by a supporter and my answers:

I did not know the BOCC hired a Communications Director. How many other people have they hired (bloated) in the county yet leave other areas unfilled?

I don't know how much "bloat" there is in county government. I do know from private sector experience that a minority are often responsible for the majority of productivity. Government agencies are notorious for growing, but there is a balance, especially in a growing county. However, I do not know why a Communications Director was hired. It seems like that is a little much for the size government we have.

How about the BOCC voting themselves a raise?

This one has always troubled me. In the military, you are taught:

  1. Mission First

  2. Your People Second

  3. You Last.

My opponent seems to put his salary first before making sure others are getting paid properly. I do not agree with that approach.

Do You Have Budget Experience?

Yes. I’ve worked with budgets since the beginning of my career in the early 1990s. My MBA has an emphasis in Financial Management. The county budget is similar to business budgets in the sense that you pre-allocate expenditures for various departments. I’ve managed multi-million dollar budgets for the last 16 years. I’ve been responsible for making payroll for that entire time, managing expenses within revenue limitations that are not certain. It's virtually impossible to tell exactly what your expenses, revenues and metrics will be in the future, but I’ve managed to do this successfully for a very long time and largely by myself. I work with an outside accountant to ensure my company "books" are in order and that the proper taxes are paid. It's a pretty straightforward process.

What are Your Thoughts on Public Communication?

This is something that I think is very important. That’s why I have the blog and make it a point to discuss important issues, sometimes with a humorous slant. Nonetheless, communication from officials has been lacking and constituents are hungry for it. I plan on continuing my blog as a commissioner. You need to know what the issues are, the facts surrounding them and why the votes went in the direction they did.

What Are Your Thoughts on a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary?

While on its surface it seems appealing, nobody has been able to explain exactly what it means? Is it symbolic or does it have real “teeth” to it that will protect county citizens from state and federal overreach? People have approached me about making such a declaration but nobody has been able to explain what it means outside of a symbolic context. I would argue that the lower hanging fruit is to try and preserve our community shooting ranges. Losing these can have a profound impact on a community and one's ability to exercise his or her 2nd Amendment Right.

What are Your Thoughts on Creating a Good Work Environment?

I believe strongly in having a good working environment. For the BOCC, one of its shortcomings is that there are 17 departments managed by three commissioners. Other elected officials have a Deputy Chief, like how the Sheriff has an Undersheriff. The BOCC does not have that and, by default, has a relatively unstable work environment for its staff. That is, every two years two thirds of the bosses could be changed. Some commissioners might be good managers and others terrible. Hiring a “Deputy Chief” type of position reporting to the BOCC may be a good first step toward creating a more stable working environment, and it will help to reduce administrative load on commissioners. Such a position creates stability, continuity and can be a knowledgeable resource for incoming commissioners to be brought up to speed quicker.

More to come...

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