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Big Turnout Last Night

Last night Sheriff Norris held his re-election kickoff party at the Coeur d'Alene Inn. The turnout was amazing and it was great to see many of you there. Thank you for attending to show your support. A video will be released in the coming days showing it, and I will alert you when it's available.

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Jason Deegan
Jason Deegan
Feb 01

Sheriff Norris deserves a second term. He's focused on the right things to make Kootenai County safer while stabilizing the department. To me, the most impressive thing about his tenure is his ability to match people in the community who want to help with areas of need - especially in terms of equipment (helicopter, FARO, etc.). Those types of things take relationship-building, something at which he excels.

The continuity of another term for Norris is precisely what we need at this time.

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