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Tackling Irresponsible Growth

I have yet to meet a person in Kootenai County who has not been affected by more traffic, longer wait times and a lower quality of life because of irresponsible growth. Why is growth allowed to happen faster than our infrastructure can handle it, and why are the…

Local. Local. Local.

Turn on the national news and it seems like people have gone insane embracing crackpot ideas. Whether it’s the horrific debacle in Afghanistan or the villainizing of law enforcement while coddling hardened criminals, it seems like rational thought and common sense have abandoned us. They haven’t.


It has touched us in ways unimaginable just two short years ago. What was supposed to be a three-week pause to “flatten the curve” has turned into a perpetual series of lockdowns, mask mandates, and vaccination requirements. All of which are a blatant disregard of our rights and freedoms by politicians. The way to stop this is by getting courageous people elected who can put the brakes on these “mini tyrants.”

Tone Deaf Politicians

It seems like wherever you look, politicians are ignoring their constituents and either imposing their will on citizens or allowing others to do it for them through private enterprise. This is not how...

My Stance on “The Covid Vaccine”

If you want to take the vaccine, that is between you and your doctor. If you do not want to take the vaccine, no entity (public or private) should force you under any circumstances to take it. Period. What is happening in our society with the Covid Vaccine is…

Budget Efficiency

Sometimes you need to cut expenses and other times you need to spend money to save even more in the future. Perhaps the most egregious of these examples is how the county opted

Addressing Ignored County Government Issues

As a member of the Optional Forms of Government Study Commission, I discovered some troubling issues our county leaders are ignoring. Whether it’s disjointed pay matrices, end-of-life software systems or efficient feedback loops for increasing service levels while reducing expenses, many issues are being…

Encouraging Small Business in Our Community

Have you ever driven across the country and noticed virtually every smaller community looks the same? It has the same national chain restaurants and businesses. The same style apartment complexes. And the same style tract housing. It’s hard to tell which community you’re…

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