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What is Your Relationship with BlueHippo Funding?

I left 14 months after it was started. The owner offered me 10%, then 25%, ownership of a multi-million-dollar company and I still left. I never profited off of the company and the Baltimore Sun listed me as a co-founder, but the reality is I was a W2 employee.


My opponent attempts to confuse voters about my association with that company and the owner. The reality is that several years after I left I

Do You Believe in Forced Vaccinations?

No. No politician, employer or business serving the public should require anybody to have to get vaccinated. I will do everything I can to ensure that nobody is subject to forced vaccination.

Do You Believe in Lockdowns?

Do You Believe in Mask Mandates?

No. When Dr. Fauci was interviewed during the early stages of the pandemic he said they do not work. The virus is much smaller than the mask’s ability to filter it, and "the science" has established that wearing a mask does not stop people from getting Covid.


If somebody wants to…

Do You Believe in Natural Immunity?

Yes, and I believe it is the best kind of immunity.

What is Your Stance on the 2nd Amendment?

There are already too many laws infringing on it. Firearms are a part of American culture and what sets us apart from almost every other place in the world. In short, “it shall not be infringed.” I do not support any type of…

Do You Think Taxes Should Be Increased?

No. There is no reason why taxes need to be increased since our community is growing and—by default—the tax base is growing with it.

What is Your Management Style?

Management by objective. Give qualified people an objective and then get out of their way and allow them to achieve that objective. In my opinion, bad managers are often insecure and feel the need to micromanage others to offset their own inabilities.

How Can a Commissioner Make Other Parts of the County Government Efficient?

Commissioners should be seen as allies to other elected officials and not adversaries. Commissioners should be able to work with elected officials to help identify and solve problems. Commissioners, like the other elected offices, should seek transparency in government so citizens can better understand the challenges their elected leaders are facing.

As Bob Norris' Campaign Manager, Wouldn't You Be Doing the Bidding of the Sheriff's Office as Commissioner?

No. I got involved with his campaign to help get him elected because I knew Bob was the right person to be our Sheriff. It wasn’t because I was looking for someone to tell me what to do. If that were the case, I’d still be…

What is Your Stance on Abortion?

I believe it's wrong.

How Do I Know You're Not Just Another Politician Who Will Say Anything to Get Elected?

It pains me to see politicians deceive their constituents. Morality has sadly succumbed to greed, power and even insecurity. It doesn’t have to be that way.


I know it is frustrating to see local candidates run under a party platform only to…

Do You Have Bankruptcies or Tax Liens?

No. As an owner of a finance company that has access to credit files and other sensitive consumer data, you cannot have a criminal record or financial problems.

Can You Work With Others Who Do Not Agree With You?

Yes. Let me be clear there is a difference between effectively working with others to achieve one’s goals and yielding ground in order to get a deal. I think it’s important to be able to get along with people because if they don’t like you, they will never listen to you. If they won’t listen, then it's almost impossible for you to make the case on policy or change. We see that now in our county government and it is the citizens who are hurt by it the most. That needs to change.

Why Should I Vote for Somebody Who Is Not from Idaho?

I watched the community I came from change rapidly and dramatically. Vast swaths of land were converted into…

Why Do You Not Have a Facebook Account?

There is one for the campaign to give voters—and prospective voters—an opportunity to keep abreast of issues and the campaign. However, from a personal perspective I find it to be a distraction and poor use of my time to engage on social media platforms. Some people love it, but others attempt to use social media as a channel to criticize people and events when they would never do it in person. We all know who those people are.

Do You Support the Prison Re-Entry Facility?

No. While the voters spoke 2-to-1 against it, the state could still try to locate it in our community. I will do everything I can to stop it from being located in our community.

Do You Support 4H and the Fair?

Yes. I support organizations that can have a positive effect on our kids. That's why I think programs like 4H -- among others for kids -- are so important. Too often parents focus on school and learning from books, instead of exposing our young people to how our world works. 4H is one of those important programs for young people. This also includes the Fairgrounds.

What is Your Stance on Ground Water Issues?

Living in a neighborhood where wells have gone dry and water is now being trucked into homes, we must be very careful how we manage growth. We cannot allow existing residents to suffer by allowing their valuable, and sometimes scarce, water resources affected by growth. I believe we must give priority to existing residents and doing what's right for them now over any concerns for those who want to move here.

What is Your Stance on Protecting Our Lake and Waterways?

Lake Coeur d'Alene, among other lakes and waterways in the county, is a valuable resource and we must do what we can to reasonably protect it and the other waterways. My preference is to look at lower density solutions. I've lived in some densely populated areas that caused severe water quality issues. Lake Coeur d'Alene has the additional factor of heavy metal deposits from years of mining. We should try to find reasonable ways to extend the health of our lakes and waterways so future generations can enjoy them like how we are today. 

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