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Why We Need Strong Public Safety in Kootenai County

The above image is linked to a video from Theo Wold. He worked for the Trump administration, was Raul Labrador's Campaign Manager, former Idaho Solicitor General and a good man who cares about this country.

He posted a video that is confirming many of my worst fears: Illegal immigration is getting closer to Kootenai County. It appears that busloads of border crossers are now being dropped off in Boise. This is a problem for that community and has the potential to create havoc on local public resources.

Having a fully functional public safety program at the county level is essential to maintaining peace and protecting citizens from a variety of threats, including those associated with the video linked above. As your County Commissioner, you can be confident that this issue is at the forefront of your elected leaders' minds.

I will always keep you informed of what I hear on this subject.

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