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Why Two Major Gun Groups Have Endorsed Me

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

It’s been a great week!

Two major gun groups in Kootenai County have chosen me over my opponent. Both Coeur d’Alene Trap & Skeet Club and Fernan Rod and Gun Club gave me their endorsements.

This is important, because County Commissioners can play a major role in protecting your 2nd Amendment Right. Let me explain.

It’s highly unlikely we will ever have our firearms confiscated from us or have law enforcement go door to door collecting them. No.

Instead, we will lose our Right from a “1,000 cuts.” They will kill it slowly. Here’s how it works.

Purchasing a firearm is just one part of exercising our 2nd Amendment. Then there’s ammunition availability and, of course, a place to use your firearm. Local gun ranges play a very important part of that equation.

Whether it’s zoning or leasing space to a gun club, local politicians can have an outsized influence on just how convenient it is for you to practice shooting. This is important, because proficiently shooting your firearm is a perishable skill. The less you shoot the less proficient you are. Ask any firearm instructor or top-level shooting competitor.

That’s why it’s so important we preserve the existing ranges we currently have. There are no plans to build new ones in our area.

I’m very proud that local gun clubs recognize my commitment to keeping and maintaining local shooting ranges.

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