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UPDATE to "How Legislators Can Help Counties"

Back in January I wrote about how when a city incorporates, it becomes its own entity and gets:

  • two liquor licenses

  • the ability to tax residents

  • and can circumvent the County's growth restrictions

  • is not required to provide any law enforcement services to its residents, thereby shifting that cost onto County taxpayers.

Well, kudos to Representative Jordan Redman. He saw my blog post about how incorporated cities can shift their law enforcement costs onto counties (see here), and he wanted to effect positive change here in Kootenai County...and for every other Sheriff in their respective Idaho counties.

He picked up on my idea and tried to get a bill through the legislature. Unfortunately, it didn't make it far.

The good news is that the Sheriff's Association was very favorable to it and so next year I plan on pushing this idea hard for our legislature to get this into committee and have a real debate about it.

Here's the proposed new language underlined to existing statute:

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