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U.S. investigates "child bride" cases among Afghan evacuees

According to CBS news, U.S. authorities are now investigating the cases of so-called "child brides" among the Afghans who fled Afghanistan in the past few weeks and are now in U.S. custody both inside the U.S. and in facilities abroad.

It's important to remember that when you relocate a people to the United States, the "Immigration Fairy" does not wave his magic wand and instantly turn these people into Americans. Instead, they are Afghans, with all of their cultural habits, now residing in another part of the world. If they are bringing their child brides then one must ask what other cultural practices are they bringing here?

We should always be asking how immigrants benefit our country when evaluating whether to issue a Green Card or convey Citizenship status. Will they learn our language and embrace our culture, or will they live like Afghans in Coeur d'Alene? Link below.

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