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President Donald J. Trump

I had the good fortune of seeing President Trump speak in person this past weekend. It was an amazing experience to be so close to such a great man who has personally sacrificed so much to fight for our country.

During his speech, which lasted for about 90 minutes, it was clear that he "got it," as they say, when it comes to the troubles facing our country. He really understands how so many people inside and outside this country are doing everything they can to weaken America beyond the tipping point. He truly understands this country's problems and what needs to be done to fix them.

I hope and pray this man gets back into the presidency, and he has the meaningful support from Republicans this time. We need more people who are willing to do what's right for this country, even if it means sacrificing their comfort.

An additional bright moment was when he recognized the group of us from Idaho.

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1 Comment

Jason Deegan
Jason Deegan
3 days ago

Awesome. Looks like an intimate setting, not like the stadiums he usually pack, which makes it even more memorable.

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