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Florida to issue $5,000 fines to entities asking for proof of COVID vaccination

In a victory for citizens, Governor DeSantis signed a bill banning vaccine passports. Beginning Sept. 16, $5,000 fines will be issued to businesses, schools, and government agencies if they ask people to show proof of their vaccine status.

Medical privacy was established for a reason. Taking the Covid-19 vaccine is supposed to protect you. It's your decision and it's personal. The idea that everyone must be vaccinated in order to protect "you" is irrational. Why?

Because when you get vaccinated for travel abroad and in order to protect you, they don't force every other person in the country you're travelling to to get vaccinated. This type of thinking seems self-serving to the Pharmaceuticals and not the citizens. Remember, they are making billions off of this pandemic.

Governor DeSantis gets kudos for thinking about his citizens. This is a great example of policy driven by what's best for the community. Looking forward to our state leaders taking this same approach, right?

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