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Does My Opponent Think Elvis is Alive?

Well, not exactly.

But given his belief in this next story, it's not out of the question.

Our First Debate

On Friday April 8, during the Sheriff’s Employee Association debate (which led to them endorsing me), my opponent insisted upon embarrassing himself (again) by erroneously telling people I turned state's witness on my former employer in order to avoid prosecution. It was a laughable display of ignorance coming from a powerful community leader.

How the Law Really Works

You see, in order to turn state's evidence and cut a deal to avoid prosecution, you need to be charged with a crime (i.e., be a defendant). I was never a defendant or close to being charged for any crime. If that were the case it would be in public records. It's not.

However, as is customary when providing statements (whether as a defendant or witness), you're given what's called a Proffer Letter. The purpose of it is to encourage the witness to be more forthcoming in exchange for not using the statements against oneself. In my case I was happy to explain everything I knew.

A good attorney will demand his or her client be given such protection, which my family attorney did for this meeting with the Assistant U.S. Attorney almost 20 years ago. I never heard back from anyone after my one and only meeting.

How Bad Advice Can Really Hurt You

This is an old story, and I've shared it with a lot of people, including my opponent's sycophant Deborah Rose (my troll). Sadly, she fed him the wrong information and has allowed him to believe I turned state's evidence. She has done him a huge disservice.

As I've explained on my website, in these blog posts and in the CDA Press, I resigned years before the actual troubles began and, in fact, later aided in the prosecution of my former employer. It's simply a story about doing the right thing, but he refuses to acknowledge it.

Instead, like a crazed Hare Krishna roaming airports during the 1970s, my opponent is forever trying to pitch his story like those Krishna's selling their cheap paper flowers. It's sad, but it appears we are witnessing the unraveling of a once prominent man.

Why It's Time My Opponent Retires

That was his plan after he won the 2020 election. At least that's what he said in the video when he was thanking the democrats for changing party affiliation to help him win the Republican Primary (see here). He wouldn't have won otherwise.

But now because of me (according to him), he must put his family and retirement plans on hold to save the county from ... well ... me. I say boloney!

It has nothing to do with me and EVERYTHING to do with his overinflated ego. Of course, at the expense of his family and arguably our community.

To my opponent's detriment, he cannot seem to comprehend the facts of my situation. His inability to process them is -- to use his own words -- "truly alarming."

Breaking News: He's Dead!

Camouflaged Gnomes on street corners, me turning states evidence, and possible Elvis sightings appear to have captured the imagination of my opponent.

All I can say is, "Elvis died in 1977. But good luck finding the others."

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