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Chris Fillios Wants You to Sue Our Sheriff’s Office

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

It’s like the desperate act of a tyrant.

At a recent townhall meeting regarding land use at the Cougar Gulch Grange, my opponent told an audience of about 50 attendees a story about the Spokane River ordinance he passed regarding wakes. He bragged about asking the Idaho Attorney General if citizens can sue our Sheriff’s Office for not enforcing his ordinance how he saw fit. It was a rare opportunity to see how this man thinks.

It Begs the Question: Who Pays When Somebody Sues Our Sheriff?

You do.

It seems appropriate to ask why our County Commissioner is trying to find ways to incur more expense on taxpayers? Perhaps you can ask him next time you see him.

P.S. This is the same guy who is also underfunding our Sheriff's Office to the point of 30% vacancy in our 911 Emergency Call Center and 25% vacancy in our Jail. Patrol Deputies have been pulled off the street to work in the jail because of the staffing shortages.

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